Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is the Medinoxx Medication Management system suitable?

In general, the blister system is suitable for all applications in long-term therapy. Therefore it is primarily used in nursing homes and retirement homes. Another increasingly important area is the care of outpatients in their home environment. Due to new medicine regulations, the care in the clinic (e.g. liquids, discharge medication) is becoming more and more important.

Are there qualitative differences in medication management systems?

Compared to other systems, the Medinoxx sealed-cup system can be used to dispense both solid and liquid drugs.  The stability of the drugs was successfully tested by the Central Laboratory of German Pharmacists on a random basis for a period of up to 4 weeks. We would be pleased to provide you with the detailed examination reports of the Laboratory.

How does the Medinoxx Medication Management system work?

The advantage of this system is that the delivered cups also serve as intake cups and therefore an unhygienic transfer in the care facility is not necessary.

What do you need for the Medinoxx Medication Management system?

To blister-pack with Medinoxx, you only need the following components: Medi-Trays (one-time investment – reusable), Medi-Cups and Seals. For sealing, an automatic sealing machine is required, which can be purchased or rented.

Is the medication management system suitable for all medicines?

The Medinoxx system can be used to blister-pack up to 90% of all required medications. In addition to the important liquids, this includes medications with special problems such as moisture-sensitive effervescent tablets or soft gelatine capsules that tend to stick. With conventional blister systems, a maximum of 50 - 60% of the required drugs can be blistered.

How are the Medi-Cups filled?

The Medi-Trays can be filled either manually or automatically (siehe: Can the Medi-Trays be filled by machine? ). Due to the large opening, the medi-tray can be filled much faster and easier compared to other systems.

How many drugs fit in a Medi-Cup?

This depends both on the software and the size of the Medi-Cup. Usually, up to 9 medicine labels can be printed on a cup. But with the appropriate size also up to 16 medicines can be filled in.

How does the filling with liquids work?

An existing pipette is usually used for filling with liquid, this allows fast and hygienic dosing.

Can the Medi-Trays already be filled by machine?

Yes, Medinoxx offers automatic filling in cooperation with partners. Up to 1,500 patients can be treated weekly without additional personnel. You get more information in our "Automation" Info-brochure in Downloads.

How can I identify packed drugs?

The drugs can be identified by means of the enclosed medication plan on which the packed drugs are shown. The size of the medi-cups ensures easy identification.

Can medication changes be made?

Thanks to the patented opening mechanism of the Medi cups, medication changes can be carried out quickly, easily and hygienically at any time.

What hardware (printer) do I need?

You need a standard DIN A4 laser printer for the 7x4 Medi-Tray and a DIN A3 laser printer for the 7x6 Medi-Tray.

Is the Medinoxx blister system more expensive than comparable systems?

This depends on the number of medication times, which can be flexibly configured in the Medinoxx system. If other factors are also taken into account, such as the possibility of blistering problematic (e.g. hygroscopic) as well as liquid medications, the Medinoxx blister system is more cost-effective overall.

Can I demand payment for the medication management?

The added value of the Medinoxx blister system benefits both the nursing home and the pharmacy, thus enabling adequate remuneration in the interests of both parties. We would be pleased to support you, also in a personal conversation, with our expertise!

What must be observed when disposing of the Medi-cups?

The name of the patient and his individual medication is printed on each individual Medi-Cup. Therefore the lid is subject to data protection after use and must be disposed of accordingly.

Is the Medinoxx blister system environmentally friendly?

In the context of sustainability and environmental protection for future generations, careful handling of raw materials is of particular importance. Following this credo, the new medication management system was developed. Medinoxx is the first and only system that uses reusable trays and thereby sustainably protects the environment. The Medi cups are made of single-variety plastics and can easily be fed into the recycling cycle. In comparison to similar medication management systems, up to 95% of the plastic waste can be avoided within a period of 3 years.

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